Advantages of Consolidation

Advantages for Consolidation:

  • Consolidate existing student loans - For current students or those just starting to make payments, you could have a variety of separate student loans, both federal and private. Consolidating now can also save you thousands throughout the life of your repayment.
  • Providing student loan relief for escaping default - Our student loan experts in managing loan default. You have options, and we'll help you understand them.
  • Stop wage garnishment - If you've defaulted on your student loans, the government may be able to withhold a portion of your paycheck. We can help put a stop to that.
  • Remove your name from the federal tax offset list - When you have a defaulted student loan, you may have been placed on the federal tax offset list, where you loose certain benefits such as receiving your tax refund. With Default Student Loan Assistance's expertise, we can help you avoid a tax offset.
  • Restore your credit score - After you've defaulted, your credit score will have been impacted negatively. Tackling the situation early on, with guided repayment plans, will help restore your credit.
  • Put payments back on track - Nobody wants to default on their student loans. Once we've designed a repayment plan that fits in with your budget and lifestyle, making relief payments on time will become a reality.
  • Provide options for federal student loan consolidation - If you consolidate your federal loans, you may become eligible for new Stafford and Pell loans.

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